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Customise your calipers with an emblem, logo or Initials. Our design team can create custom logo’s for you! Choose Colours from our vibrant Colour range or use the ‘Colour Match’ Service.


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Specialist Brake Caliper Refurbishment

Complete refurbishment, high-end painting or combine the two for a 4 year warranty. We also offer engineering work like re-threading worn threads, seized nipple extractions and simply one-off repairs

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Any caliper, from any vehicle, wherever you are in the world.

Ship your calipers to us for an OEM price busting re-manufacture with a minimum 2 year warranty.
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Brake Caliper Refurbishment, Engineering and Coatings

We are friendly people who are incredibly passionate about tending to our customers needs. We treat every customer as if the most important customer. If we could cuddle you over the phone we would.

“We just happen to refurbish brake calipers, want us to refurbish yours?” 

We are the experts in Brake Caliper Refurbishment

Everything regarding Brake caliper refurbishment is done here, even a coating like never before to make it last for decades, not months or a couple of years. Get Prices

Gets you out of a hole. Ideal if you need a quick fix and aren’t able to replace the caliper in the time you need. Get Pricing
This is what we’re famous for. Incredibly beautiful calipers that enhance the look of any vehicle. Any caliper can look as pleasing to the eye as a Ferrari caliper. Functional refurbishment/rebuild not required. Get Pricing
For those complicated repairs we have complete milling, lathe and CNC facilities in order to engineer solutions to problems which may include re-threading, extracting snapped bleed screws or bolts and probably any other problem which might exist.
When we give our customers a 4 year warranty on parts, we have to be sure that the parts are top shelf quality. We only use the highest quality rubber available and where we can’t source good quality pistons, we’ll make them ourselves with stainless steel.

Express Un-Seize & Repair Service


A stripped back version of the full refurbishment ideal for keeping the cost as low as possible. We simply un-seize the caliper, clean the piston, bore and other working parts, fit new bore seals then reassemble. We are able to un-seize any caliper so don’t worry about how bad yours are. * INCLUDES CALIPER CARRIERS *
3 Months Warranty 4-6 Working Hours Turnaround Incredible Value for Money Complete Strip and Rebuild £35 for single piston calipers (common) £45 for twin piston calipers (larger cars) £55 for 3 piston calipers (classic) £65 for 4 piston calipers (performance) £85 for 6 piston calipers (rare)

Full Brake Caliper Remanufacture

A no-holds-barred brake caliper refurbishment. Everything is stripped down, cleaned and shot blasted back to the bare metal and rebuilt with new parts as required. This comes in a basic satin paint finish which can be upgraded to the Aviation Polymer with PTFE or High-end Painting as below. ** INCLUDES CALIPER CARRIERS **

2 Year Warranty or up to 4 years with High-End Paint. Complete Refurbishment Can be combined with high-end painting service. From £36 for single piston calipers (common), £50 for twin piston calipers (larger and older cars) £56 for 4 piston calipers (performance) £65 for 6 piston calipers (rare) These prices are for the labour and exclude parts, please call or email for an estimate on your vehicle. 8 and 10 piston caliper refurbishment also available.

High-End Brake Caliper Painting Service

2 Year Warranty, Fast Turnaround. A step-up from standard Powder Coating Shot blast to bare metal Can be combined with Full Refurbishment £145 for a pair including carriers £249 for a set of four including carriers.
We’re getting quite famous with our caliper painting service, this is a step up from standard powder coat. See what we have done on facebook where we have over 5,000 fans. We receive calipers to be painted find us on facebookfrom all over the world including the US, Australia, UAE, the Nordics, most of Europe and more. See the full brake caliper painting page for more information.
The Works, our combo service for mechanical peace of mind with the benefit of stunning aesthetics.  Our brake caliper refurbishment doubled up with our brake caliper painting service.  Combined, provides an all round better deal, with an increased warranty period.
  1. 4 Year Function Warranty
  2. 4 Year Paint Warranty
  3. Stunning Results

We have been used by many top marques including Noble, Jaguar, Land Rover, McLaren and more at production level. We are also pleased to have many main dealers as customers including Sytners, Stratstone, Porsche Centres and many more. Powder coating calipers described below, our high-end paint is a step up from powder coat.


No Additional Charges or Hidden Costs
If you like the extra protection a durable coating can give in combination with a rebuild, but you’re not so fussed about stunning aesthetics, we offer an excellent powder coat for brake calipers. This is less than half the price of our high-end painting service.  We call it Aviation Polymer, it contains PTFE which helps to bead off water and road grime, it resists wheel acids, brake fluid and incredibly high temperatures.

Robert Molinari

Love the job you guys have done to my Tarox brakes. They look amazing! First class service and great customer view post

Dave Howson

Thanks to Brake Caliper Specialists for the work done on our Sportline Transporter calipers in readiness for view post

Sam Poland

Cheers guys and well done on the fantastic job you did on my 98 Honda Prelude! view post

Rich Coxhill

Hello Richard, got back from Devon this afternoon and just picked my calipers up and you guys have done a wicked job! Can’t wait to get em on my car! Cheers Rich view post

Michelle Cox

Hi Rich it’s matty’s sister Michelle. We would just like to say thank you very much for the absolute wonderful job you have done! It’s the bee’s knees! The professional work view post

Lloyd Comer

Rich has done some work for me in the past, his professionalism and attention to detail is second to none, nothing is too much trouble. I have never been di view post

Testimonials, Trade and Private.

Since the birth of the business in 2008, we have constantly looked for improvements in our systems and processes and the materials we use, we improve using a system similar to the Japanese Six Sigma continuous improvement method. This has resulted in a near-perfect experience for our customers. Sometimes we get things wrong, but it is a rare thing nowadays and it is often put right before the customer is aware there is a problem. Here is what some of our private and trade customers have said about us.

Nottingham Sytner BMW Testimonial

” Dear Richard, I wanted to write to you to express out thanks for your teams hard work in making our customer very happy with his new brake calipers. Your companies professionalism was exemplary and I would without doubt recommend your services to anyone. We wish you every success. Matthew Stripling Alpina UK Brand Manager

Porsche Centre Newcastle Testimonial

” Thanks to all at The Brake Caliper Specialists, the quality of work was excellent and our customer was over the moon with the results. Regards, Scott Hutton Service Manager Porsche Centre Newcastle

We have worked with most of the Porsche Centre branches throughout the UK, possibly all of them throughout the years. They are great to deal with and I am sure all of their customers are happy ones, as the impression we get at our end is they tend to care a lot about the customers they serve. We have also dealt with many Porsche and other German specialist service centres.

We work with many main dealers including Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Porsche, Jaguar and BMW.  We also work with a few vehicle manufacturers including Jaguar Land Rover (JLR), Noble, Lotus and a few others we’re not allowed to mention due to NDA’s (non-disclosure agreements).